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Jinx the Anarchist Sex Worker Goes to Washington

The corridors of power opened to the world's oldest profession last month. About forty sex workers came to Washington to meet with thirty members of Congress to push back against the Fight Online Sex Traffickers Act (FOSTA) and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA). Organized by Survivors Against SESTA, the event sought to open up lines of communication with elected representatives and allow sex workers to voice their opposition to the law.

Do Sex Workers and Their Clients Interact Differently After #MeToo?

As #MeToo has sparked debate about boundaries and consent, some say it has excluded a group of people with the most experience in those realms: sex workers. What has the movement meant to them? Has it changed how they interact with their clients? Do the clients themselves behave differently? In the video above, we interviewed five women about their experiences as sex workers in a moment when our society is rethinking what counts as sexual misconduct.