Whore of New York

Why would someone ever voluntarily become a sex worker? Liara Roux writes about the salacious details leading up to her decision to become a career sex worker, and the unexpected truths she learned while working in the industry.

The 17 Best Butt Plugs You Can Buy Online

A year in lockdown has inspired all sorts of creative outlets for horniness: People are having more phone sex, snapping artful nudes, and investing in vibrators. So if you’ve always been curious about butt plugs, it’s never too late to explore new horizons. Experts agree that a butt plug can enhance your sex life solo or with a partner, as long as you’re patient and prepare properly. The most important rule is to go slowly. “It’s important to start small and use a lot of water-based lube (silic

Everyone Loves Beans Now

There’s an episode of Mad Men I’ve been thinking about lately in which Peggy, tasked with creating an ad campaign for Heinz beans, takes the opportunity to pitch something particularly artful: a bean ballet. She envisions a microphotography camera zooming in on individual beans pirouetting in slow motion, beans somersaulting and spinning, all set to a classical string melody. The Heinz executive isn’t impressed. It’s all too high-concept, plus, beans look pretty gross up close. He wants to know